Our Products

Bespoke WOW Architectural or WOW Classic by Crittall Windows

Windows on the World (WOW) beautify commercial, industrial and residential landscapes by bringing timeless and unique steel framed door and window design solutions to life.

A custom built solution allows flexibility in your design vision. To maximise the possibilities of your unique project, we offer two distinct product ranges.

WOW Architectural for bespoke design challenges

WOW has its own steel frame fabrication factory located in southern Victoria to custom build to the unique specifications of architecturally designed buildings. Our expert team can help architects, builders and designers realise their design vision through immaculately profiled steel framed doors and windows.

We can step in as part of your design development team at any stage of your project – ideally from the beginning - to personalise the application of steel for a superior outcome.

WOW Classic by Crittall Windows for performance and prestige

We are the exclusive Australian distributor for globally esteemed Crittall Windows UK, the world’s oldest suppliers of prestige steel windows and our WOW Classic product range.

More than 160 years of production in the UK means Crittall Windows’ has resulted globally superior thermal properties. Crittall excels at producing volume of high quality, custom built steel framed doors and windows for commercial or larger scale construction and design projects.