Why should I use steel windows for my project?

The combination of style, strength and minimalist sightlines is the prime reason for its success as a window and door framing material. It is tested to the Australian standards and exceeding the strength of wood and providing three times the strength of aluminium. Steel Windows and doors create a unique, industrial and architectural design feature due to their slender frames and sightlines, resulting in expansive views and contemporary feel.

What is the best way to contact WOW?

Our office hours are 8am-4pm. Please don’t hesitate to call and talk to one of our experienced team members, alternatively fill in our Contact Us page to write your enquiry. We will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

How do I obtain a quote?

The best way to obtain a Quote for our WOW Architectural or WOW Classic Range is to send a request through to us with the window schedule and elevations. We work to a 1 week turn around on quotes. Our estimator will then contact you to discuss the quotation (and request further information if required).

What type of finishes does WOW offer?

At WOW we offer the following high grade finishes:

  • Zinc-riched primer and Powder coat
  • Galvanizing
  • Galvanizing and powder coating
  • Blackened steel
  • Zinc rich 2 pack epoxy sealer and then hand painted on site.

Steel windows and doors do not have a perfect finish, irrespective of the manufacturing techniques – this is part of their charm. The surfaces have natural roll marks from the rolling process and due to the nature of the hand-made organic base material they will always have the occasional imperfection –small anomalies that the powder-coat finish does not hide.

Please discuss with our team the suitability of each finish for your unique and individual project.

What is the lead time of getting a window or door produced?

This is dependent upon the size of your project as well as projects already in manufacture. Generally speaking; from final shop drawing sign off the project can be manufactured and be onsite within 8-12 weeks. A firm lead time can be given once quote is accepted and approval of shop drawings is provided.

Do you offer both a Glazing and Installation service?

At WOW we offer the complete service package. Assisting from the design phase to manufacturing, finishes, hardware choice, installation and glazing. Our experienced and specialized team are happy to cater to your specific needs throughout the process.
At WOW DIY we offer a supply only service.

Additionally, we are able to recommend glaziers and installers (see Website) who we have developed great working relationships.

Which brand of WOW will be suitable for my project?

Almost any type of Window or door you could imagine can be created by steel. At WOW, we are not limited by profile constraints.
WOW offers a diverse range of products depending on your specific needs. WOW Architecture, WOW Classic, and WOW DIY are our 3 brands. Please contact our office to discuss the right brand for your project.

Are our prices competitive and comparable?

Our prices are very competitive within the steel industry market. Market analysis and quality assurance surveys are conducted regularly by WOW to ensure that our prices are comparable, competitive and result in satisfied and happy customers.

Are the steel windows manufactured in Australia?

Our WOW Architectural range is manufactured in Mornington.
WOW Classic is manufactured in London and is a product of Crittall. The world’s largest and oldest steel window manufacturer.

Do we work on residential and commercial projects?

Yes, WOW is active in new construction and refurbishments in both residential and commercial properties.

Our Team have a wealth of knowledge from our extensive list of past and present projects. Our Commercial projects include- Hop Haus, Baby Pizza, the Prahran Hotel, Patuso, Golden fields and Chin Chin.

Our residential projects we have worked on have been from small to large size properties throughout Australia.

Does WOW conduct Site measuring?

WOW, if requested, can undertake all measurements for the job. If you are an interstate builder or local who chooses to supply sizes to WOW, please be aware that WOW will build to your sizes. If the windows/doors do not fit, you will be responsible for making full payment as per the contract. If you require us to make rectification works, these costs will be quoted to you and must be paid for in full before proceeding. It is important that you carefully consider all the detail – where the windows/doors meet the floor, walls and the ceiling. It is imperative that these considerations are made prior to any site visit by WOW.